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Practical step of seminal fluid analysis EXAMINATION PARAMETER MACROSCOPIC EXAMINATION Time of arrival Appearances of the specimen Viscosity/liquefaction Volume of the specimen MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION MOTILITY Quantitative motility Qualitative motility Sperm count HOW TO COLLECT SAMPLE Read More

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COMPLETE QUESTION AND ANSWER TO PHY101: Elementary Mechanics, Heat &properties Of Matter TMA1

Question 1 : Given three vectors ⃗a=−⃗i−4⃗j+2⃗ka→=−i→−4j→+2k→, ⃗b=3⃗i+2⃗j−2⃗kb→=3i→+2j→−2k→, ⃗c=2⃗i−3⃗j+⃗kc→=2i→−3j→+k→, calculate ⃗a⋅(⃗b×⃗c)a→⋅(b→×c→)  6  9  −6−6  −9−9 Question 2 : A boy intends to move an m-kg crate across the floor by applying a constant force P newtons on it.The coeficient Read More