Omoko Town

Omoko is a town along Abaji Abuja road Kogi State Nigeria. Omoko town has Motto title Omoko odumi, and it has Tiger as it logo. Omoko is an Inhabitant town of Egbira People of kogi State. The village was founded by OhiOmoko (contribution needed)
. The major occupation of people of Omoko is farming and trading. Omoko share boundary with the following nabouring villages, Aseni, Abaji, Chikara, Ohizi and ogahte. The town has provided many successful people that has contribute to the development of the community the state and the nation entirely I don’t know the name of all of them now but the once I know will be listed below as time go own we will keep you up dated.
Alhaji Audu Omoko
Alhaji Husaini Omoko
Alhaji Kasim Omoko; he bring community secondary to Omoko
Alhaji Danlami the youngest among then he single handedly renovate the current central Mosque of Omoko.
Many more of then I don’t know for now.
99.99% of the Igbira Tribes are Muslim with only 00.01% of them are Cristian.
Census (contribution needed)
Natural resources (contribution needed)

Please bear with us for now we are still sourcing for authentic information when we are done, we will update the page. But as for now that is what we have thanks.


Author:_Jibril Usman

Egbira Koto people were known as Egbura while the Okene were known as Ebira.

Sometime in 2012, the Ohiku Egbira made up of elders and traditional rulers from all the Egbira speaking areas/zones (1. KOTO from Kogi LGA of Kogi State, 2. OKENE from the Central Senatorial District of Kogi State, 3. ABAJI from Abaji Development Council of Federal Capital Territory – FCT, 4. TOTO from Toto LGA of Nasarawa State, 5. UMAISHA from Toto LGA of Nasarawa State, 6. MOZUM from Bassa LGA of Kogi State and 7. ETUNO from Igarra LGA of Edo State) in the country and in diaspora met at Dabras Hotel, Okene to jointly adopt a more suitable name called EGBIRA with which we are to be known and called. That was how the name Egbira comes up. Though we still have some of our people addressing us as Egbura, the accepted name as agreed by our elders and traditional rulers of the entire Egbira speaking areas/zones in Nigeria and in diaspora is EGBIRA.