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       A natural loss of the products of pregnancy. Miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion and pregnancy loss, is the natural death of an embryo or fetus Read More »

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      Counselling. Lifestyle modification, e.g. weight optimisation, smoking cessation and regular sexual intercourse. Investigation of semen analysis and prolactin level. Mid-luteal (day 21) progesterone assay. > 30 Read More »

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      Hirsutism refers to terminal hair growth in amounts that are socially undesirable, typically following a male pattern of distribution. Virilisation refers to the development of male Read More »

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      Primary amenorrhoea: no menstruation by 14 years of age in the absence of secondary sexual characteristics; or failure to menstruate by 16 years of age. Secondary Read More »

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      The presence and proliferation of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity, usually within the pelvis. It may manifest as dysmenorrhoea, dyspareunia and chronic pelvic pain. Diagnosis Read More »

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      DESCRIPTION PID includes salpingitis with or without oöphoritis and, as precise clinical localisation is often difficult, denotes the spectrum of conditions resulting from infection of the Read More »

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      INTRODUCTION Surgical procedures as dictated by the diagnosis. Perform a transvaginal ultrasound and endometrial sampling in all women over 45 years of age. Actively exclude organic Read More »

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      Lower abdominal pain that starts with the onset of menstruation, and subsides after menses have ended. It may be primary or secondary. Secondary dysmenorrhoea is associated Read More »

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      WARTS abnormal elevated blemish on the skin; caused by a virus Superficial muco-cutaneous infection caused by the human papilloma virus. GENERAL MEASURES Cryotherapy. Check patients with Read More »

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      The skin may be infected by yeasts or fungi and the clinical presentation varies with organism, body site infected and the body’s response to the infection. Read More »

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  • Good Study Guide

    • Study time Management

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      Having got the work into perspective, you need to think about how to manage your time. How much time should you spend on your studies? The Read More »
    • Managing the work

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      Taking responsibility involves managing your own progress through the coursework. You are studying for your own reasons and under your own particular circumstances, with your own Read More »

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      Studying at higher level is always a tough challenge, yet you can make it one of the most satisfying experiences of your life by rising to Read More »
    • Thinking about how you learn

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      In order to set about your studies intelligently, you need some kind of notion of how your mind learns. It does not have to be a Read More »
    • Introduction to Good Study Guide GST107

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      INVESTING IN YOURSELF Welcome to The Good Study Guide !This is an article of advice, tips and practical exercises to help you develop your study skills Read More »
  • Bacteriology

    • Morphology of bacteria

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      Bacterial cells are between 0.3 and 5lm in size. They have three basic forms: cocci, straight rods, and curved or spiral rods. The nucleoid consists of Read More »
    • Pathogen Terminologies

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      Infectiological Terminology I (Pathogen) Term and Explanation Saprophytes These microorganisms are nonpathogenic; their natural habitat is dead organic matter. Parasites Unicellular or metazoan organism living in Read More »

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      Clostridium difficile (PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS) Clostridium difficile causes antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) and more serious intestinal conditions such as colitis and pseudomembranous colitis in humans. These conditions generally Read More »

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      Clostridium botulinum (BOTULISM) It is a serious paralytic illness caused by Clostridium botulinum. The toxin (only types A, B, E and F cause illness in humans) Read More »

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      Clostridium perfringens (GAS GANGRENE) Clostridium perfringens, a gram positive rod, causes wound colonization (gas gangrene) after soil, and to a lesser extent intestinal tract, contamination. The Read More »
  • Introduction to medical Laboratory


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      Microscope is made up off three basic component which include; Stand The stand is the frame of the microscope, stand is skeleton of the microscope of Read More »
    • Epidemiology

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      Epidemiological Terminologies Epidemiology investigates the distribution of diseases, their physiological variables and social consequences in human populations, and the factors that influence disease distribution (World Health Read More »
    • Use and care of centrifuge

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      Use and care of centrifuge Just like other instrument need care so also did centrifuge, below are some of the used and care for centrifuge; Make Read More »
    • Model type of centrifuge

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      Model type of centrifuge These is the subcalassification of swing out rot centrifuge, they are basically classified into five type which include; Hand centrifuge: these are Read More »
    • Type of centrifuge

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      Type of centrifuge Centrifuge is basically made up of two type, there production is based on the way the rotate known as rotors. The two type Read More »
  • Hematology

    • Blood Group Serology

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      ABO BLOOD GROUP SYSTEM The ABO system is the most important blood group system in blood transfusion and organ transplanta- tion because of two unique features. Read More »
    • Haemopoiesis

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      Production of blood cells During the foetal life the production of blood cell or take place in different body tissues but mainly in the liver and Read More »
    • Solubility Test For sickle Cell Disease

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       sickle Cell Disease With High concentration of phosphate buffer, it give hemoglobin S (Hb S) insoluble in the reduce state. When in the buffer, it form Read More »
    • Verious Sterilization technique in the medical laboraotry

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      PHYSICAL TECHNIQUE This technique involved radiation dry heat, moisture, boiling water, steam at 100ºC, and steam under pressure. Radiation: This method involved the used electromagnetive radiation Read More »
    • Capillary method of Blood collection

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      Capillary Blood Blood collected from capillary vessel is called capillary blood, the blood is usually collected by punting the fingertip of an adult using lancet while Read More »
  • Inorganic Chemistry

    • Electromagnetic radiation

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      Electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic radiation is radiation which have both magnetic and electric properties.  Electromagnetic radiation occupied wide area of radiation that can be explained or group Read More »
    • Balance of chemical Equation

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      Balance of chemical Equation Basically, the knowledge implanted in the laws of combination and Dalton atomic theory where use to balance any chemical equations. Dalton atomic Read More »
    • conservation law of matter

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      Law of conservation of matter The law state that matter cannot be created nor destroy in the process of chemical reaction. Source: File:Combustion reaction of methane.jpg Read More »
    • Describe the discovery of noble gas?

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      Noble gas was discovered by a french astronomer Pierre’s Janssen in the year 1868. But before then noble gas was mistakenly isolated by henry cavendish in Read More »
    • Describe the discovery of noble gas?

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      Noble gas was discovered by a french astronomer Pierre’s Janssen in the year 1868. But before then noble gas was mistakenly isolated by henry cavendish in Read More »
  • Physical Chemistry

    • environment

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      enviroment mean different thing to different people, and in a different area of study, they also define the eneiroment base on there area of concentration. generaly Read More »

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       CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM Before beginning with the topic of our discussion, the derivation of equilibrium expression, we have to re-examing the following thermodynamic convention. 1. Any system Read More »

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      Enthalpy is a  thermodynamic quantity equal to the internal energy of a system plus the product of its volume and pressure. Enthalpy of a system is Read More »

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      The reactions are carried out under constant volume or under constant pressure conditions. Let us now arrive at an expression useful in calculating the heat change Read More »
    • State Variables

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      State Variables A thermodynamic system has to be macroscopic (having a sufficient larger size); this eases measurement of its properties such as; Pressure Volume Temperature Composition Read More »

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