Video of politician son stole voters Money and use it to carry Prostitute ( slay Queen)

Nigerian politician son stole money given to his father to share to voters during coming general elections slated to take place 16 of February 2019 and use to carry prostitute . According to video make available to the politician

Video of APC Sharing Package Garri to Voters

A man cry out over packages of Garri APC share to them. According to the videos the man was, asking them is these Next Level they promise Nigeria, is it the Next Level of Garri? Please watches the video below

Kogi APC have recruited Militias Nassarawa, and other nearby state to rig election,

All progressive Congress APC have recruited militia from Nasarawa and other nearby state to rig tomorrow election. These information was contains in a short videos clip share by senator Dino Melaye to our correspondence. According to him he said APC,

Music Flora my flower by davido

Organic Chemistry Epoxide Formation, chemical and physical properties

video tutorial on epoxide formation. On these tutorial video, we going to teach you how to prepare Epoxide in Organic chemistry. you learn properties it properties.   

Laptop kill sperm cells(laptops contribute to major infertility problem in men)

Major sterility of man in advance country is trace to using laptop on the lap with advent of electronic to easy our daily activity. have also come to cause lot of damage to our health life. many people today found

Natural chemotherapy fruit

On this video it share with most potent and confirm way of healing any type of cancer with natural fruit that is 100% better than any other chemotherapeutic substance and the whole world.

Video Tutorial of General properties of Magnesium Atom

this video explain the necesaary information you need to know about magnesium, such; atomic weight,year of discovery, magnetic propperties, the period which is found and the priod, where is place in the period and the group etc. for more video

Evaluate the expression 100 + 1.2 x 5.6/70 – 30.4 

this video is mathmatical tutorial video, on how to evaliate and express the folowing question Evaluate the expression 100 + 1.2 x 5.6/70 – 30.4? the video above will teach you the step you need to take to fine answer