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Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Chemistry syllabus

The aim of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus in Chemistry is to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examination. Click this Chemistry link to download  Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Chemistry syllabus

Bachelor of Art Islamic Studies 100/400 level course outline

Requirement to study bachelor of arts (B.A) Islamic religion Importance of studying bachelor of arts in islamic study 1 acquaint the student with the broad outlines of islam as a way of life. 2 prepare the student to understand islam

Diploma in french 100/200 level course outline

Diploma in french The diploma in french is designed for those with no entry qualification in french but who wish to study french at a level higher than the certificate. this categories of people will not be eligible for an

Requirement to study Computer science in nigerian universities

Computer science This is the study of the science of the computing machine. The computer machine is capable of carrying out a set of given instruction using the computer language. These are cobol, FORTRAN, visual basic, c++, and java. A

Business administration

Requirements to be admitted into nigerian universities to study business administration This deal with the total activities which take place from the production, till consumption for the purpose of making profit. Here all the factors necessary for the efficiency management

Civil engineering

Requirement to study civil engineering in nigerian university This deal with the design construction and maintenance of structure planned by the architecture such as road dams, bridge, railway, and building etc. Materials for use are tested to determine their tensile

Chemical Engineering

Requirement to study chemical engineering in nigerian universities This is the process of changing raw material reactions into varies by product useful for man. Here we talk off the design of the process plant, operation of the process plant, and


Requirement to gain admission to study biochemistry in Nigeria university Biochemistry This is involve the study of the use of chemical principles to analysed biological problems, situation and materials with the aim of knowing their content, possible by products, uses


The requirement to gain admission into universities to study architecture in Nigeria This is the planning of human settlement and the design of such settlement for human habitation. it is for people with high creative and artistic abilities. Area of


This deal with the financial information as regards the economic activities of business. an accountant deal with the compilation and analysis of financial report, for the purpose of indicating the financial position of individual, firms and corporate organisation. Area of

Enviromental Science Subjects

Geography and fine arts etc. According to the national education research and development council of nigeria,Student must enter and sit for a minimum of 8 subject or a maximum of 9 subject to qualify for the award of the senior

Choice of Subject combination career Choice.

Career and the required subject A strong relationship exists between career choice and choice of subject. This place student, Arts, Science, Social Science, Secretarial and Technical Classes. Science subject physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, and health science economy. secretarial subject typing,

Career Choice Job Superioroty and Job Opportunity

Job superiority Generally, it should be noted that no carrier is superior to the other not even the medical doctor is superior to the receptionist. the difference between them is that they are different job in the same or in

Type of Career and personal qualities reqired

Traits and personalities suitable for each career On this post we are going to discuss the personality traits that is suitable for different types of career, and how you can discovered your career based on your personality. Every individual have

Student Career decision making

How to choose a career choosing a career is basically categorised into phase theoretical phase practical phase a) Theoretical phase, deal with the theoretical defamation unique about career choice. this will help you in making a practical decisions about career

General misconception about examination

Success guide of students during and after examination according to oxford learner dictionary, examinations is a formal test of someone’s knowledge or ability in a specific area or subject through written question or exercise.the word examination is derived from the