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District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countriies

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Medical history

The medical history of a patient is the most important and useful element in making an accurate diagnosis more valuable than other physical examination or diagnostic test. the medical interview easy process of gathering data that will lead to an

History of diagnosis

Historical aspects Diagnosis has been defined as the act of identifying a disease from a sign and symptom formal a few diagnostic tests we are available to assist the physician who depend on medical history observation and examination. Only recently

Biosafety programme

Responsibility for safety Employer and the employee both share the responsibility for safety in a clinical medical laboratory. It is the right of the employer to provide a safe working place for it employee. Also the employee should be aware

Examination required, types of blood, and volume,

Type of Test Nature of sample Volume Microbiology Culture interstitial blood culture bottles 10ml Virus agglutination. C 10ml Vid and other theology C 10ml widal C 10ml clinical chemistry Acid phosphatase total C² 5ml Alcohol H³ 10ml Aldolase C 2.5ml

Treatment of pain

Pain, treatment of pain, types of pain and the effect of pain On this post we are going to discuss on pains, the causes of pain, the types of pain, and the treatment of pain. Pain is one of the

Verious Sterilization technique in the medical laboraotry

PHYSICAL TECHNIQUE This technique involved radiation dry heat, moisture, boiling water, steam at 100ºC, and steam under pressure. Radiation: This method involved the used electromagnetive radiation in the microbiology laboratory to achieve this sterilization goal. In these techniques, the source


Medial laboratory science is a canopy area made up of many disciplines. The most paramount departmental discipline  of medical laboratory science comprise the following; Clinical chemistry Histopathology Haematology Microbiology The important function of medical laboratory is to help the doctor


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