Laboratory Animals

Guideline principle in the use of Laboratory Animals

It is the primary duty of any investigator using an animal to show great care and kindness in handling the animal. In some country there are statutory provision for the use of animals for experimental purposes. This is aimed at

Important of laboratory animal

On this topic today we are going to discuss on the importance of laboratory animal. laboratory animals is found in every standard laboratory and were they are found they are their for a specific purpose. we can remember that before


CHEMICAL AGENT There are several chemical agent used for disinfection. Disinfectant is a chemical substance that destroyed microorganism in an inanimate object. The chemical agent that kill germs or inhibit it growth is called germicide. While the chemical agent that

Verious Sterilization technique in the medical laboraotry

PHYSICAL TECHNIQUE This technique involved radiation dry heat, moisture, boiling water, steam at 100ºC, and steam under pressure. Radiation: This method involved the used electromagnetive radiation in the microbiology laboratory to achieve this sterilization goal. In these techniques, the source