Introduction to Med Lab


Microscope is made up off three basic component which include; Stand The stand is the frame of the microscope, stand is skeleton of the microscope of which other part of the microscope is attached to. Mechanical component The mechanical component


Epidemiological Terminologies Epidemiology investigates the distribution of diseases, their physiological variables and social consequences in human populations, and the factors that influence disease distribution (World Health Organization [WHO] definition). The field covered by this discipline can thus be defined as

Use and care of centrifuge

Use and care of centrifuge Just like other instrument need care so also did centrifuge, below are some of the used and care for centrifuge; Make sure that you balance the centrifuge by making sure that the weigh equal to

Model type of centrifuge

Model type of centrifuge These is the subcalassification of swing out rot centrifuge, they are basically classified into five type which include; Hand centrifuge: these are centrifuge operated manually by hand. The centrifuge is fixed to a bench with the

Type of centrifuge

Type of centrifuge Centrifuge is basically made up of two type, there production is based on the way the rotate known as rotors. The two type of centrifuge are named as; fixed angle centrifuge swing out centrifuge fixed angle centrifuge:

Care and maintenance of laboratory balance

Care of laboratory balance Weighing balance is very delicate instrument in the laboratory, as such it need special handling and maintenance. Often, every instrument come with manufactural guidelines, of which the laboratory weighing balance is not an exception. Each weighing


WEIGHING EQUIPMENT Weighing equipment is very important in the medical laboratory. Because before reagent can be prepared, the must be weigh to known the quantity required to be titrated with the solvent, that define the important of weighing balance in


Instruments and equipment are essential for the functioning of any medical laboratory. The last twenty years have observed extraordinary development in the area of computerisation of medical laboratory technology. It has been witnessed that the progress has led to additional


Light Microscope  Microscope can simple be refer an instrument that facilitate the visualization of microorganism. Microorganism are those organism that we cannot see with our naked eyes. Microscope is one of the most exorbitant and fragile instrument use in the

Catarrh is a build-up of mucus in an airway or cavity of the body

It often affects the back of the nose, the throat or the sinuses (air-filled cavities in the bones of the face). It sometimes temporary, but some people experience it for months even years. This is called chronic catarrh. Catarrh can


This is the type of filtration that used air to achieve a certain filtration goal. These happen to be one of the common practices in most of the laboratories. These method of filtration used a sealed limited flow cabinets to


Sterilization power of steam under pressure Sterilization power of steam under pressure is because the temperature it poses above 100 ºC and the condition when cool. Wet object give it potential of transferring it latent heat of evaporation there by

Laboratory Reporting

After processing specimen in the laboratory it is very important that the information obtained be sent to the physician. The three are off reporting a reliability rapid and relevance. Reliability of course speak for yourself. The result should be reliable

Laboratory Reporting

After processing specimen in the laboratory it is very important that the information obtained be sent to the physician. The three are off reporting a reliability rapid and relevance. Reliability of course speak for yourself. The result should be reliable

Biosafety programme

Responsibility for safety Employer and the employee both share the responsibility for safety in a clinical medical laboratory. It is the right of the employer to provide a safe working place for it employee. Also the employee should be aware

Medical waste disposal

A proper way of disposing of medical waste Health care organisation such as hospital maternity centre clinical laboratory generate a large numbers of waste material that can be harmful to the community at large if proper precautions are not given

Biosafety levels

biosafety are categorised into four level. This level are the basis on which infectious agents assigned based on their virulence. This levels of biosafety each of it has it own guidelines approach containment level which made up of combination of

receipt of laboratory sample

Every hospital have different way of collecting laboratory sample from wards, but whatever way the hospital adopt in collecting the laboratory sample the following requirements must be adhered to; 1 the specimens container must be robust and leak proof. 2

Collections and reporting of laboratory specimen

A lot of variety of difference types of sample are receive daily in a routing pathology department. as such, it is very important to observe certain details to ensure that accurate report with the minimum of delay. 1 the sample

Containment(safety method of managing infectious materials)

One of the greatest hazard in the medical laboratories is contamination with infectious material. Everyone that entered the laboratory is vulnerable 20 laboratory infection. As a result of this there is a growing concern about safety practice, procedures and facilities