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ionization energy of Noble

before discuss on the ionization of noble gas, we need to define and explain what ionization is all about. Ionization The ionization energy (Ei)  can defined primarily as the highest amount of energy needed to remove the most loosely bound electron in the valence

Composition of dry air

Dry air Composition On the post we going list the composition of dry air, will include volume % and B.P (boiling point). Gas % by volume B.P (boiling point)K N2 78.03 77.2 O2 20.99 90.1 Ar 0.93 87.2 CO2 0.033

Solubility, and solution

the solubility of a solid is normally defined as the mass in grams which will dissolve in 100g of solvent to form a saturated solution at a given temperature. Question: an evaporating dish weighed 11.68g; partly filled with a saturated

Mass spectra

mass spectra (singular: mass spectrum singular) Is a record of the chemical constituent of a substance separated according to their mass and presented as a spectrum as measured using a mass spectrometer. One of these versions of this device is

Uncertainty principle

Uncertainty principle is sometimes called indeterminacy principle. Warner Heisenberg, a German Physicist, from his experiment in year 1920s discover that the position and motion of particle wave cannot be pinned down. What its mean is that you can not find

Oxidation number

directed number Numbers such as minus 2 plus 2 which has specifically stated direction are called directed number. Example add up -2 -3 +2 Solution -2 +2 -3 = +2-5 =4 Divide 8 by 2 Solution 8/2 = 4 Subtract

Formulae and percentage composition

Element pose five combination powers. For example, 1 atom of oxygen combine with 2 atom of hydrogen, to form water, but 1 atom of chlorine combines with only 1 atom of hydrogen to form hydrogen chloride (HCl). With this, oxygen


General properties of Lithium Standard atomic weight (Ar) [6.938, 6.97] conventional 6.94 Appearance Silvery-white Atomic Number  (Z) 3 Group number Group 1 Period number Period 1 Block s-block element Electron per Shell 2, 1 Category of the element Alkali metal


GENERAL PROPERTIES OF HYDROGEN Standard atomic weight [1.00784, 1.00811] conventional: 1.008 Appearance colorless Atomic Number 1 Group number 1 Period number 1 Block s-block element Electron per Shell 1 Category of the element Diatomic non metal Electronic configuration 1S1 physical

Wave-Particle Duality

Dual Particle of wave Another milestone to the wave particles arise in year 1924 when French Scientist called Loius de Broglie a stream of electron particles may have the same way particles like that of light, predict that a particle

Quantized Energy

Quantized Energy and (Planck Einstein Relation: E = hv) When Max Planck has experiment and conclude that energy is release and absorb by atom in certain fixed amount called quanta, Albert Einstein proceeded with work of Max Planck a step

Different between Bohr Model and Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom

 Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom Bohr Theory give idea about atom, however, the Theory has some major shortcoming. Bohr Theory give explanation about energies transmission of electron in the hydrogen, and hydrogen like atoms, but fail to explain that of

Limitation of Bohr Theory

Shortcoming of Bohr Theory Despite the fact of direction which Bohr explain that give us general information about atom, theory still have some questionable assumption, which is called shortcoming of Bohr theory; Bohr Theory did not explain the atomic spectra

Combining power of atom

Elements have different combination powers. For example 1 atom of oxygen combine with 2 atoms of hydrogen to form water, but 1 atom of chlorine can only combine with 1 atom of hydrogen. As such oxygen may to have a

4th Postulate

4th Postulate hydrogen spectrum In other to modify one orbit to another, electron must either emit or absorb energy which is proportional to the distance between the two orbits. Introduction of light energy bring about photon with a wavelength given

3rd Postulate

3rd Postulate: As a consequence of the restrictions on the angular momentum of an orbit, the energy of an electron in a given orbit is constant. As long as the electron stays in that orbit, it neither absorbs nor radiates

Bohr 2nd Postulate

2nd Postulate Read full text on 1st Bohr Postulate Or watch the video below In the first postulate we refer to orbit to be in circular for, and they harbor electron. But it should interest you to know that not

Postulate of Bohr Theory

Postulate of Bohr Theory The fact that hydrogen spectrum of Balmer equation was represented successfully, but there were no theoretical proved for it. Therefore, Niels Bohr in 1914 provide a theory that explain the genesis of it spectrum. The theory

Spectral line of Atom

Atomic Spectra When atom absorbed quantum energy, it move to an excited state opposing it ground state. When this atom loose or emitted the absorb energy or light, it will return to ground state. In this tutorial we going to

Excitation and De-excitation of Atom

Excitation and De-excitation Atom has the power of transition between the orbits which is permitted by quantum mechanics, the transition take place by either absorbing or emitting equal difference energy between the orbits. Excitation take place as a result of

Atomic Structural composition

Atomic Composition Atom consist of varieties of structure, the varieties structure of atom determines it chemical and physical properties composition it is made up of. In the early discovery of atom, there structural varieties was not known until the discovery


HISOTROY OF BOHR’S MODEL OF ATOM In the early 20th century, experiment carried by Ernest Rutherford provide that atoms is made up of diffuse cloud of negative charged electron encircle a small, dense, positive charged nucleus. On his experiment Rutherford

CHM205: Inorganic Chemistry Ii TMA4

CHM205: Inorganic Chemistry Ii TMA4 complete Question and answer Question 1 : Mineral silicates plays an important role in national economy because from it is produced _______. A. Plastics, ceramics,paints B. Glass, paints,ceramics C. Glass, ceramics,cement D. Cement,plastics,glass Answer to

London Force

London Forces: The intermolecular interactions exist between no polar molecules also. Consider two non polar molecules A and B in which the centre of positive charge coincides with that of the negative charge. ++- A B When the molecules A

CHM291: Practical Chemistry Iii-inorganic TMA2 complete Question & Answer

CHM291: Practical Chemistry Iii-inorganic TMA2 complete Question & Answer Question 1 : The clear colourless solution observed when impurities are removed from aluminium beverage can include? A.  Potassium hydroxide B.  Potassium hydroxide and water C.  Potassium hydroxide and aluminium hydroxide

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