GST107 Good Study Guide

Study time Management

Having got the work into perspective, you need to think about how to manage your time. How much time should you spend on your studies? The official view University courses in the UK are measured in credits and each credit

Managing the work

Taking responsibility involves managing your own progress through the coursework. You are studying for your own reasons and under your own particular circumstances, with your own background in the subject, so it is up to you to work out where


Studying at higher level is always a tough challenge, yet you can make it one of the most satisfying experiences of your life by rising to the challenge and taking control of your studies. But to do that you need

Thinking about how you learn

In order to set about your studies intelligently, you need some kind of notion of how your mind learns. It does not have to be a complicated theory, just a workable, practical understanding –enough to enable you to make choices

Introduction to Good Study Guide GST107

INVESTING IN YOURSELF Welcome to The Good Study Guide !This is an article of advice, tips and practical exercises to help you develop your study skills and get the most you can from your studies: better results, a greater sense

Investing in your own development

To be a good student you must Investing in your own development In the past education was associated with childhood. Most people expected to leave studying behind when they entered adult life. Now, however,in a rapidly changing world, none of

The challenge of studying

Why so much fuss about study skills? Surely studying is a fairly straightforward activity –you read books, attend classes and then write essays. Where is the problem? Well, perhaps it isn’t so simple … Zahra looked up again and saw

What does it take to be a skilful student

What a skilful learner are No magic tricks, or quick fixes, will make you askilful student overnight. Study skills improve gradually through picking up practical know-how, swapping ideas with other students, being creative in trying out new approaches and taking

Being a reflective learner

Being a reflective learner To become an independent learner you need to be reflective learner. B reflecting on your study experiences, you develop insight into the ways you learn. Then gradually, as your insight grows, you become able to take