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Computers short code

Know more about your computer. Ctrl+A – Select All Ctrl+B – Bold Ctrl+C – Copy Ctrl+D – Fill Down Ctrl+F – Find Ctrl+G – Goto Ctrl+H – Replace Ctrl+I – Italic Ctrl+K – Insert Hyperlink Ctrl+N – New Workbook Ctrl+O

The CPU central processing unit and the GPU graphic processing unit

The CPU and the GPU In a simple system, there may be only one processor, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the system, which must do both the normal processing and the graphical processing. The main graphical function of the

Applications of Computer Graphics

Applications of Computer Graphics The development of computer graphics has been driven both by the needs of the user community and by advances in hardware and software. The applications of computer graphics are many and varied; we can, however, divide

A Graphics System

A computer graphics system is a computer system; as such, it must have all the components of a general-purpose computer system. Let us start with the high-level view of a graphics system, as shown in the block diagram in Figure

Medical waste disposal

A proper way of disposing of medical waste Health care organisation such as hospital maternity centre clinical laboratory generate a large numbers of waste material that can be harmful to the community at large if proper precautions are not given

why computer is called computer system

COMPUTER AS SYSTEM Computer as a system, just like human being which is made up different part that perform different type of function so also computer, is made up of different part, and each of these part perform  different type

How to power Off a Computer System

POWERING OFF COMPUTER In previous discussion, we introduce you to computer, on that topic we discuss on how to power ON a computer system. Now we going to discuss on how to power OFF a computer system. Computer is not

Desktop Appreciation

Desktop Appreciation On this section we going to look briefly on desktop appreciation. You may wonder what desktop appreciation is. Don’t worry it just another round of introducing you to all what you see on your computer window, how it


INTRODUCTION COMPUTER We are going to discuss on an introduction to computer on this topic as the beginning of the topic we have the following to cover: practical aspect of computer, and introduction to computer application. You are once welcome


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