Talk Zone: Arrest of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, Show that Nigerian Govt, don't want to Bring Boko Haram and Banditry to an End



Is not new to us again on the arrest of the leader of the indigenous people of biafra, Nnamdi kanu and the recent arrest of Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday igboho by the Nigerian government.

As we all know, Nnamdi kanu was arrested in Kenya, also Sunday igboho was arrested in cotonou Benin Republic.

There arrest is an indication that Nigerian government has the capability of bringing down any insecurity in the country.

The arrest show that Nigerian government and its security has the tactics of bringing an insecurity to an end.

But why are we still face with insecurity today in the country?

Boko Haram is not in exile there in Nigeria here with us they kill people the way the wish, burn government properties the way they like, do all sort of crime against humanity the way they want, they even challenge Nigerian government, but till date we are still waiting for Nigerian government to arrest any leader of the terrorist.

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The same scenario is applicable to fulani herdsmen and Bandit.

Now kidnapping is everyday activity mostly in the northern part of the country where all the leaders leading the country now come from.

Nigerian government are yet to make any arrest of those leader leading the bandits the  in the country.

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Many prominent northerners usually meet with some of those Bandit leader, has a meeting with them and come outside to say they demand negotiation.

Why not crack them down the way you crack those agitating for Nigerian breakup?

On my own opinion, it is clear that Nigerian government know what they are doing, they have the capability of arresting anybody that is causing instability in the country.

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