For those Defending the Sacking of Some of Pastors, some pastor and Imam aren't different from politicians — Kekere Youths



Kekere Youths wrote:

When you're done speaking English, you'll accept this simple fact that they're talking about money.

Most of the Pentecostal churches has turned church to business oriented organization.

Am a Christian and I know what those authority mean with growth index.
They're talking about numbers of people attending the church and the monetary income.

I have heard it severally in some local churches where letters will be sent from headquarters challenging them on the growth of the church especially on their monetary income and turnover.

So many pastors are stinkingly rich while those contributing the money are in abject poverty but instead creating means of alleviating suffering like Late Prophet TB Joshua as they preach the gospel, they'll continue to ask the poor Church members to pray while they enjoy their life.

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Some pastors or Islamic clerics aren't different from some Nigeria politicians that loot our common patrimony and always find means to console us that tomorrow will be better.

We like to defend anything that comes from wherever we believe reason why we're this backward as a society.

Meanwhile, I wish those that carry religion on their head quick recovery.

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Your religion will not give you automatic ticket to heaven but your deeds while on earth.

May God give us the grace to do more good than bad before we depart from this sinful world.


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