Igbos were at Peace with themselves before 1967, until they begin calling themselves Biafra - George Udom



He posted on his Facebook wall:

Before 1967, Igbos were at peace with themselves, and with all Nigerians.

Igbo's in Nigeria, started having problems as soon as they started calling themselves Biafra. That name have no Igbo meaning.

What is the meaning of Biafra in Igbo language.

Why adopt a name that has continued to bring an entire ethnic Nation Sorrow, Tears, and Pains.

Igbo Nation haven't known Peace, since they adopted Biafra as an identity. From which evil coven, did Ojukwu bring this name, that have killed over 4M Igbos from inception?

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Once you associate Igbos with Biafra trouble starts.

Why do we love a name that brings us, Sorrow, Tears and Pains, Please let us consult the gods (Afa) and find out the evil associated with that name before going further.
Bia- Come
Fra - Trapped

Even the man who baptised us with name, later dropped it, and became a Nigerian, and died, a Nigerian.

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Chinua Achebe capped it all, by saying there was a Country.

Doesn't all these resonate something?

Just mention Biafra, everywhere in Igboland will be in disarray, and backwards will set, blood will start flowing, and there will be no more peace.


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