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By Esther Okokon

Greetings to my beautiful people of Biafra and lovers of freedom all over the World, may Elohim be our shield and protect us from those seeking our destruction, the pit they dug for us, may they fall therein in Christ name Ameeen🙏


The Middle Belt people hates the co North with passion, but have you ever heard the North telling the middle Belt to go their separate ways? They keep telling them that North is one and indivisible, because they know that's their STRENGTH 💪

Come to the East, just because some MISINFORMED people are saying they're Niger Delta and not part of BIAFRA/Igbo nation..
My Igbo people now suggests that they're better off with only Igbo speaking Biafra since the "South South" don't want and are insulting them😢
I've been avoiding this topic because I witnessed the insult myself, but didn't expect the wisest tribe (Igbo) in black continent to succumb to 'our' ( South South) ignorance 😢

It's more painful to me because those who divided us into South East and South South, sold the destructive idea to us and made us feel that we're stronger divided than one Eastern region did not divide themselves, they believe and hold on to a ONE and indivisible NORTH, it pains me most when I see them being the ones to suggest to me that I'm not a Biafran because I'm from Akwa Ibom state whereas I've never for once told them who are Ariwas and who aren't😢

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Igbos are like umbrellas to us, imagine us in Nigeria without the Igbos, we 'll be subdued and conquered without firing a shot, Igbos are taken the bullets for themselves and for us all.

In the history of freedom fighting, some slaves willingly accept freedom while some are begged to accept freedom, so begging, convincing us to accept freedom is better than giving the enemies reason to rejoice by leaving us behind, we all needs each other, we're stronger together 💪.

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