Ovulation: How to Follow Up Your Ovulation Period and avoid unwanted Pregnancy




The most essential part of life is grow up to have someone who take over from you.

That is why reproductive health is very important.

But sometimes, we are not ready, but as the says goes

Body is not wood, nature must take it place.

On this write-up, your learn some basic information about Ovulation, and menstrual cycles

1.A woman has eggs!!! She doesn't need to lay the eggs like chicken. but she has to release it in another part of her body called the fallopian tube. This is called ovulation!

  1. Ovulation is the period when your ovarian gland release matured follicle egg into Fallopian tube waiting for SPERM for fertilisation.

2.Women does not release egg simply because of Menstruation but purposely because to attach to men's SPERM and transform to baby.

3.Ovulation normally occur every 14th days of each cycle, Most time when a woman Menstruate on 5th of December, and on the 30th of December, she also menstruate, that doesn't mean she is having period twice in a month. Such woman Menstrual cycle length is 25days cycle. Is a very simple procedure, just start your day count from the first day bleeding to the day before another Menstrual bleeding.
Eg 5th is first day of menstrual bleeding, Then count from 5th to 29th which is the day before another Menstrual bleeding.

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4.Average range of Menstrual cycle length is 28days, which mean any candidate that belong to this cycle length must definitely ovulate between 12th to 16th of her cycle.

5.Any woman with 30days Menstrual cycle length must definitely ovulate on 14th to 18th of Menstrual cycle. Is also a simple estimation, Just add two days before and after ovulation purposely because there is chance for pregnancy to occur two days after ovulation.

6.Any woman with short cycle length which is 21 Menstrual cycle length could ovulate on her Menstruation period or soon after Menstruation days.

7.Those 21days candidate often experience ovulation mucus during menstruation,likewise often develop orgasm while they are menstruating. In general, they have similar ovulation symptoms that 28days and 30days candidate have.

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8.Any woman with 35days which is long Menstrual cycle length could also ovulate between 12th to 18days of cycle.

9.All woman should aware that without ovulation,the chance of Pregnancy is low.

10.If your Menstrual date keep on changing every menstrual cycle, that doesn't mean you are having irregular Menstrual cycle. Most of the woman get confuse of this situation.

11.If you really want to figure out your menstrual cycle length, you need to focus on date you had your period at least good three month, Get yourself calendar and start cycle the first day Menstrual Bleeding, cycle the day you also see another period bleeding. Make your estimation on numbers of days in between the first day bleeding to the day before you see another Menstrual bleeding. OR BUY AN OVULATION PREDICTOR KIT.

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

  1. If you are 28days cycle length and suddenly change to 35days cycle length, Definite you are suffering from irregular Menstrual cycle.

13.If you are 30days cycle length and suddenly change to 21days cycle length,that indicate irregular Menstrual cycle.

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Sign and Symptoms of Ovulation

most of the woman get confused toward Cervical mucus, if you have never see any cervical mucus in your private part, that doesn't mean you are not ovulating but you must ensure one or two sign and symptoms of ovulation occur on you.

1.Cervical Mucus.
2.BREAST pain and tenderness.
3.Slight abdominal pain
4.Rise in body temperature.
5.Reach orgasm (Feeling like having sex)
6.Vagina spotting with cervical mucus

7.Mood change.
Ovulation is the period to get pregnant no matter how much your HORMONE and uterus is healthy. You can follow up your ovulation period avoid unwanted pregnancy. !!!!!


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