Unknown Gunmen?: How Two Northerners I have livve with For 11yrs was gruesomely Murder - Obinna



Folks, the madness finally hit home!

I got a call this early morning that two northerners living in my community, one a mai guard and the other, a police inspector, were both murdered gruesomely last night.

The mai guard, I heard, has lived in my community as a gateman for over 11 years. He was so loved by everyone and his suya was sought after by all in the community.

He even played soccer with the community youth during their annual soccer competitions held in the month of December and speaks perfect Igbo.

The manner of his death was the most gruesome as his head was chopped off by the assailants.

I have no information on the killers but feelers I am getting are pointing to the now much dreaded UGM.

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Folks, this is no joke, this anarchy seems to have come to stay if nothing URGENT is done and NOW!

May their souls RIP

Ôzô èmèziná…Max Njaka Obinna wrote on his Facebook page.


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