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The truth is, many Nigerians don’t really want a better country, we just want a life of ease and enjoyment regardless of the consequences. And that’s our biggest issue!

Many also don’t mind if things are really horrible, as long as they and their loved ones are safe, secure and adequately provided for; “things are not really that bad” will be their submission.

“Let us pray” over matters that clearly requires common sense and necessary actions is the biggest scam in this country.

“God will do it”, “God no go shame us”, “what God cannot do does not exist” as confessions coming from many people who are lazy, laidback, irresponsible, rebellious, ignorant, idle and visionless simply paints a clear picture of how we love to fool ourselves as a people.

Sometimes I’m shocked by the social media comments, prayers and quotes of some people that I know, and wonder how they can decide, and wish to keep misleading the public and the unfamiliar about their true horrible nature, attitudes and personalities. They’re mostly the opposite of the positive things they generously share on social media!

The very same crime, illegalities, sharp practices, laziness, cluelessness, greed and wickedness they accuse others of, is exactly how they also are. It is what they also do without qualms in their private corners!

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So I conclude most Nigerians perhaps don’t mind how these many bad leaders are, they just wish they were the ones in that same position - perpetuating the same evil or even a worse one for personal gains.

And you know what’s worse? We are so good at covering up all these horrible mindsets, behaviors and evil doings with prayers and positive confessions.

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All the lovely banners, prayers, quotes and comments about a happy new month will never work if we mostly remain hypocritical, lazy, irresponsible, fearful, ignorant and unproductive.

God cannot be mocked.

There is really nothing awesome, great and miraculous God cannot do, but because He remains a TRUE and FAITHFUL God, He will not do MOST for MANY of us. God cannot be “used”.

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