IPOB is gearing to become the Boko Haram of the Southeast — Jones



By Jones FCC

The IPOB is gearing to become the Boko Haram of the Southeast and the Lord's Resistance Army of Ndigbo. Most terrorist groups start off as a movement for the liberation of the people, then graduate into an army of fear, spewing hate and issuing threats, then, they begin to annex territories and impose their own version of authoritarianism on the people.

An unmistakable sign of a terror organization is intimidation. They assassinate those who question their styles and threaten members of their family. I have been receiving threats from IPOB operatives for weeks now, and I do not have the slightest doubts that they are not joking about it.

Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu did not become Eze Igbo gburugburu by killing those who questioned his styles of leadership. He deployed his youth, his intellect, his family wealth and everything he could afford to defend Igbo land against undeniable acts of pogrom perpetrated by a section of this country against the Igbos, yet, he had people who doubted him, but he didn't call them efulefus or saboteurs. Nnamdi Kanu does not have the smallest pretence to a mandate of the people, yet, he is issuing 'fatwa' on Igbos and threatening others who don't agree with him with death and destruction of their families.

His followers have taken after him, in adopting violence and intimidation as a strategy, and he hasn't done anything to disown them. Nnamdi Kanu has almost succeeded in making everyone afraid of him. No leader wants to speak out against him. Even sitting governors are becoming careful to take a position against him. They now romance words, and this is not a laughing matter.

If we must state things the way they are, then we must properly classify Nnamdi Kanu for who he is; a monster, a fraudster, a terrorist, a killer and a dangerous power drunk enemy of the Igbo nation. It doesn't matter what he has told his brainwashed worshippers, he remains the worst figure to emanate from Igbo land.

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