For Those Who Always Tell Their Parents, "I Will See What I Can Do" without doing Anything




"Its been two weeks already son, when will I receive the money you promised? I am starving."
'business isn't doing well pops, just give me two more days I will see what I can do.'

"The holidays are almost coming to an end son, I've been looking forward to seeing you after 5 solid years."
'we went on a baecation in Seychelles dad, so let's plan for the next holiday.'

"The roofs are leaking son, there isn't any safest corner to hide from the rains anymore."
'sell that plot of land and use the money pops, I will buy a bigger one when my salary kicks in.

"It happened again son, I need to visit the doctor, my lungs are closing in on me."
'I am at work pops, the network coverage is too low, wait till I'll call you back!'

You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory
Before the Sun goes down on the ones that loves you the most,
Keep in mind,
There lies hidden blessings in a "Thank you my child"

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