Talk Zone: Malami - Northern Govs Can Prohibit Spare part, over Grazing Ban, But He was Silent When Kano Gov was busy Destroying Creates of Beers



The Attorney general of the Federation, Abubakar Malami has responded to the recent grazing ban by 17 Southern governors.

Malami said Northern governors can also prohibit spare part selling in their respective state.

While speaking, Malami cited a constitution which provides freedoms for all Nigerians to live and do business anywhere in the country.

But last year's over billionaires create of beers was confiscated by Kano state government and destroyed.

The confiscated beers are for southerners who are doing their legit business and paying tax to Nigeria government.

The same things happen in Jigawa State, many create of beers was destroyed in the name of imposing Sharia law in the state.

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When all this things were happening, Malami is still the AGF, but he never speak, he was silent.

When Kaduna State governor destroyed Hotel over alleged sex party, Malami was silent.

But now when Fulani Herdsman who are not even paying tax, but busy killing and raping women across the country, are ban from doing so in some region, Malami is quick to point law that governing Nigerians.

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When Fulani Herdsman are killing, raping women, kidnappings were is he?

Malami did you have concerns?

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