Talk Zone: 99% of Igbos Want Biafra why 99% of Northerners don't want Nigeria breakup, why?



In recent years now since President Muhammad Buhari come to power, we have seen Igbos are agitating for the Republic of Biafra.

Some of the issues which led to the agitations is I'll administrations of the present government.

But far from that, agitation of the Republic of biafra is a long-term history it doesn't start today it started many years ago went late Ojukwu declared eastern part of Nigeria the Republic Biafra.

The declaration led to civil war, were millions of people were killed.

The present agitation is been champion by Nnamdi Kanu.

Base on analysis, we could see that 99% of Igbos Want Biafra.

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Why 99% of Northerners don't want Nigeria breakup.

The question is, why Northerners don't want Nigeria breakup, since the other party said they want to go?


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