Yahaya Bello Score 6% on Online Channel TV Presidential election polls



After making mouth that he will win Nigerian hands down in 2023 Presidential elections, he only win 6% on the online poll created by channel televisions on Twitter.

Kogi state governor alhaji yahaya Bello who was known to own his state workers salaries of up to 18 month has declared intention to contest for 2023 Presidential elections.

The news which was initially come out as a rumors has been confirmed by the governor which compare himself with Ahmed Bola Tinubu of Lagos State who Nigerians believe that has interest to run for 2023 presidency.

Bello in an interview with BBC Africa said that Bola Tinubu no his limit.

According to him Nigerian youth are the one calling him to contest for 2023 presidency.

And he vowed not to disappoint the youth.

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But on the recent online poll conducted by channel televisions has proven that the youth are not interested in his interest to run the country from 2023 as a president.

The poll conducted gave him 6% of which some of the youth are still questioning there must be a fraud in that pool if not he wouldn't have gotten up to 6%.

Governor Bello has a track record of failed governance.

In his first term in office, he is known to own workers of above 18 months salaries which he always blame his predecessor, sometime he debunked the news that he did not own his own workers.

The recently the bridge constructed in his state by his administration only lasted for one week before collapse.

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The governor who was embarrassed because of the incident says that the blame should goes to the contractor handling the work of which he vow deal with the contractor.

The governor during his second term elections in kogi state, he is known to use helicopter to spray bullets on the voters most especially on the area which he knows that he will not win the elections.

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During his election government convoys were used to hijack ballot box.

In the election no fewer than 18 Youths were killed, but on channel television when the governor is speaking he described the violence as a pocket of violence that does not worth cancellations of the elections.


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