Don't Settle Down with lady From Poor Family, Twitter users Speak on how Girl From Poor Family turn Wicked after Marrying Rich Guy



Testimony of how a girl from a poor background turn out to be wicked, rude and sometimes engage in evil act after they got married to Rich Guy.

A young Nigerian has taken to official Twitter handle to that wise men not to marry woman from poor background.

Ike said "never settle down with a woman from a poor background if you are rich, then turn out to be the most uncultured, rude, evil, and wicked Woman.

look around you and you are agree with me."

In response to his comment which has been countered by Ebele C who said that "she is surprised that they believe that all women from Poor background at the same.

Futurism as he is called by his Twitter handle said majority do. I have experience it and recently decided never to go near such people again if I find out that you guys are struggling to eat in your house na bye bye not because I am discriminating cos from experience such girl hardly contribute much in a relationship.

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Another user with Paradox account by Goodluck Jonathan said "most girl from not too well to do backgrounds lack basic home training I'm a living experience I have done Divorce proceeding for people and I have experiences this silliness isn't just them their siblings parents behave alike

While another with the same Paradox account, Fulani Herdsman said Truth Brush, one short one told my brother that their wedding must be a 10 million naira only, that it must be the talk of the town this is someone her father where just 2 jeans and 3 top and move around jobless the wicked thing was looking for who to liquidate, Omo it was called off.

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What what is your response to this comment, does it really mean that every lady from a poor background are the same?


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