Northern leaders say They Don't Know the Bandits, but This Picture tell us how free They move



The leaders in the northern Nigerians are claiming that they don't know who were the Bandits.

But a series of photos has it online where does bad element of human being are seen living freely untouched.

Kidnapping by bandit has become a lucrative business in the northern part of the country.

Level one I will is to go into the forest to begin kidnappings and collecting ransom.

Here is a camp with the most sophisticated weapons of a bandit who allegedly snapped himself and posted it on social media.

The minister of communication Ali pantami who order all Nigerians to link the NIN to their phone so that those are involved in the criminal activities will be arrested.

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but it a pity that the same phone these people are using to send message is the same phone these people are using to open social media, is the same phone these people are using to communicate with parents of their victims why then the minister can't track them down?

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