Why Desmond Elliot Become the talk of the day in Nigerian Social Media Space recently?



Recently, actor and politicians who is currently serving as a house of Assembly member in Lagos State, Desmond Elliot has been trending online.

Mostly in Nigerian social media space, many Nigerians youth attribute all what is wrong to him recently.

On this scenario we want to bring to you what is the cause of his recent trend on social media.

One of the major cause of his recent trend on social media is the picture of his recent project that's hit online.

The picture of his latest project as a house of Assembly member was a toilet which he constructed and commission.

Desmond Elliot Toilet Protect.

Many Nigerians youth see his project as an insult to Nigerians, because as a youth and as an actor which has win the heart of Many Youths in the country, the youth expect him to be their mouth.

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They want him to be the change they want to see in Nigeria political ecosystem.

But unfortunately, he disappoint them.

Another of his project which Nigerians youth sees as an insult, was the constructions of Link bridge using wood.

Desmond Elliot bridge.

So he started trending online based on his project which the Youths sees as a disappointment to them.

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