#BabaIjesha: Face of lady Molested by Baba Ijesha, Is She Truly 14 yrs Old?



After a video of Baba Ijesha hit online were he was captured molesting a lady alleged to be 14 years old, many question has keep pouring out from the heart of Nigerians.

Some Nigerians who are interested in the case are seeking to know if actually the lady in question is 14 years old.

An actress princess Bola Olafin took to her Instagram page to question if actually the girl in question is really 14 years?

Over to you the readers, the pictures above is the lady in question and Baba Ijesha who was accused of molesting her.

No doubt the videotape of the molestation already in circulation, but by analysing the video there are many question begging for an answer.

The questions like why does adult in the video left the lady in the house with the guy?

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Another question is why the same lady stand up and go and check whether if somebody is coming in after their parent has left the home?

Another question is why will the lady be seating close to the man when she knows that the guy is a stranger?

This are some of the questions that is begging for an answer from the video tape.

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If you haven't watched the video below is the video tape share on our Instagram page.


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