Who Wouldn't Chose Ghana Over the Current Nigeria for Investment



I have seen several posts on social media condemning people for voicing out their concerns about investors preference of Ghana over Nigeria.

Why should anyone in their right senses think any investor would invest in a country so unstable and unsafe as Nigeria. The present day Nigeria is not a safe haven for investors considering the current spike in insecurity across the country.

Recall Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines all pulled out of Nigeria causing massive loss of jobs. Recently, the owners of Shoprite have sold off to leave Nigeria.

Twitter setting up its African hub in Ghana was followed by Germany picking Ghana as West African centre of global health. This is a pointer of how the world and global investors view Nigeria.

The simple reason is not far fetched. Nigeria is no longer conducive for investment as a result of failed leadership bordering on the rise in insecurity and senseless killings across Nigeria. The recent rating of Nigeria as 3rd worst governed nation on earth is rather nauseating and sickening if only our so-called leaders understand the negative impact this leaves on the image of Nigerian and it’s economy.

We keep playing to the gallery along religious and ethnic lines while the foundation of the leftover unity of the country is being shattered by selfishness and greed.

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I weep for Nigeria.

By Austeen Anibe Otene


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