Northern Nigeria falling under Northern leadership, killing in Nigeria Unbeatable legacy of President Buhari



The fact remains and sentiment, religious bigotry tribal fanatics, but did religion, tribes matter when it come to a leadership, or when it came to governing?

Even if it matter, why your region where you come from, your peoples are being killed every blessed day, kidnapped, women are being raped, people kidnap and Ransom taking, frustrations are be meted on the people of your region yet you remain silent, is that the legacy you want to leave for them to remember?.

Why will you wait until Nigerians start crying asking you to give a live broadcast concerning the issues that is happening in a nation that you are governing before you will speak, does it mean that you don't know what is happening in a nation that is under your care?.

When you declared to contest for presidency in 2015 almost the entire Nigerians Muslim, Christians, Northerners, Southerners and Easterners are rejoicing because they believe you are the Messiah, they believe that when you come to power Nigerians problems is over, you promise to give a stable life a better government to Nigerians, and they believe you, voted for you that allowed you to come to power, can you ask yourself today what are you paying them now?

Before you come to power in 2015 $1 is not up to 200 naira.

But today $1 is equal to 470 naira.

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When you come to power in 2015 you meet only boko Haram as a threat to Nigerian security.

Today your leadership style has given birth to bandit, fulani herdsmen and other terrorist organisations in Nigeria.

When you come to power in 2015 kidnapping is not popular the way it is today, your leadership style has given birth to kidnappings in northern Nigeria.

Your leadership style has given birth to killers in northern Nigeria that derive joy in killing ordinary Northerners every single days.

Your leadership style has sent millions of Nigerians out of their house they are now living in internally displaced people camp.

Your leadership style in Nigeria has render millions of Nigerians jobless.

Your your leadership style has weakened the economic system of Nigeria.

Before you come to power you have the freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to demand for good governance, you protest demand revolution, you call on former president who is the president at that time Jonathan to resign because he is unable to deal with boko Haram the way you want it.

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When you are making all this call nobody arrest you, charge for treason, nobody arrest you charge for terrorism.

Today Nigerians cannot come outside and demonstrate for lack of your inability to rule the country, you either send police after them or you will send military to go and kill them.

Under your leadership freedom of speech has been taken away from Nigerians, freedom to demand for good governance has been taken away from Nigerians, freedom of association now also has been taken away from Nigerians and even freedom of life has been taken away from Nigerians because Nigerians are been killed every day without you saying anything.

Under your leadership Nigerian youth that demonstrate of your incapability to rule them with the hastag #ENDSARS, you send a military to massacre them in lekki toll gate.

Before you come to power in 2015 Nigerians can travel to any part of the country at any time of the day without fear of being killed or kidnap along the way.

But today Nigerians cannot travel even within some cities without fear of being kidnapped or killed.

Under your leadership some group of tribes now have freedom to move with guns without you questioning them, but when Nigerians stand up to defend themselves from being killed or molested by this group of terrorist you will comes out to speak about breach of human Rights or freedoms of movement.

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Is that the legacy that you have for Nigerians, can you explain them?

Under your leadership the Senate president is from North, the inspector general of police is from North, the chief of army staff is from North, all key positions all handle by Northerners.

Yet northern states are the most affected state in terms of backwardness in education, security challenges, economic bankruptcies, despite they hold the key leadership positions in the country.

There are no single day that they will not kill ordinary Nigerians in the North under your leadership.

President Muhammad Buhari is this the legacy you want to leave?

Is this what you want to be remembered for?



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