How to Choose Best Hosting Plan For WordPress Website



One of the major key factor of running a successful WordPress website is hosting plan that suite your present activities.

Each of the hosting plan, Share hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting Plan has it resources limit.

When you have use the resources limit they may either stop your website from going online or if yours is unlimited resources limit like usage of bandwidth, your website will place on restrictions.

On the topic we going to discuss on how to choose hosting plan that suites your present website.

One of the basic things of hosting plan is Bandwidth and storage.

Bandwidth is like airtime subscription, the more you use it, the faster it get exhausted.

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So for example if your website bandwidth allocated to your hosting plan can only hold 100,000 visitors, after that hundred visitors, your website will go offline until you upgrade your website plan to a bigger hosting plan with high bandwidth.

For beginners, that are yet to attract huge visitors, you can start from the list plan to cut the cost down, but your website started attracting a lot of visitors, you must upgrade your plan.

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