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WordPress is an online easy websites builder.

According to statistics over 60% of the total world websites are manage in WordPress.

Their are two types of WordPress which are, and

We will discuss the difference between and in our subsequent content.

But the best choice of WordPress to use in building and hosting your website or blog is

Using you can not have a free domain, you have to buy your own domain name unlike they can give you a free domain and hosted your website free with limitations.

In, there are no limitations on what you can do or what you cannot do with the website, it is totally free.

On these topic of discussion which we tiled how to start WordPress blogging.

Starting Blogging

To start WordPress blogging is very simple.

First thing to do if you want to start WordPress blog in history first acquired your domain name.

The domain name will roughly cost you N4000, but price depends on the companies which were buying the name is domain from.

Next Step is looking for Good hosting company.

We will recommend Namecheap, in Namecheap, you have have your website online as low at $1.5 to $2 per months.

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You can buy your domain name and hosting plan with the same Namecheap.

After securing your hosting plan and domain name, next step is to begin building your website.

How Buy Domain name and Hosting Plan

Like we said earlier, you can buy your domain name with different company or with the company you want your website to be hosted.

There are million of of website hosting company out their, but rendering good services to the customer, should be your major priority in choosing hosting company.

We are using Namecheap hosting company because we have test them, and their service is okay.

Now let get started.

IF have not bought your domain before, you will be given an option to choose, which of the domain name you want to point your hosting plan to or buy new domain with them.

If you have domain name already, please enter and continued.

type or click here to start

It will take you page shown bellow, on the heading of the page below, you can see option, Domain, Hosting, WordPress, Email etc...

move you cursor to Hosting

drop down menu will open, given option of share hosting, VPS hosting plan etc, as shown below

as a beginner, choose hosting, as time go on when your website start generating heavy traffic, you can upgrade your hosting plan to new package.

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Share Hosting Plan with Namecheap

by click on the share hosting plan, it display page below given option to choose the best plan that suit your business.

we advise you to start with stellar plan if you are just begin.

by clicking on Get Started, ith will take you to another page shown below.

On the above page, you can option of either chosen new domain name of Exiting domain name.

you are to click on new domain if you have not gotten domain name before, but if you have domain name with another company click on Existing domain name, scroll down, click New Purchase to continue.

Note: you can use your Debit card to make payment.

after payment your login Control panel Login passwords and user name will be email to you.

Congratulation you are done with the first step, you can proceed after receiving your Login details to begin setting up your website in your Control Panel.

Click here to start to learn step by step on how to create WordPress from scratch for free

after setting up your website, you have to wait for 24 hours for propagation to finish, is after that you your website will begin to work correctly.

Click on the link below to learn how to login to your admin boards.

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how to login into your admin dashboard

to learn how to create post click link below

Easy way to write post phone and laptop and Published it to your WordPress.

for basic plugins, click on this link on Plugins required to begin your WordPress websites.

How to install plugin on your WordPress website/blog

Here are tutorial on how you can install plugins on your WordPress as a beginner.

click on this link to learn everything on how to install plugins on your WordPress websites.

finally you are done with the setup, and you want your post to be share automatically to your social media anytime you publish?

click on the link below to learn

How Auto share WordPress Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+

If you have any question or suggestion, please drop it in the comment section below.


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