How to Maximise Your Content Marketing Impact with Graphic Design



Humans are largely visual creatures, and this is why graphics play such an important role in content marketing. Even if your piece of content is written, the header image plays a big role in how many people will click on your link to read it.

There are some useful psychological tricks and tips to know if you want to gain more impact with your content marketing. Using beautiful graphic design in your content doesn’t have to be tricky, or expensive either.

Let’s look at a few tips you can start using today. 

Choosing an impactful stock image

Let’s begin with a little known trick about choosing stock images. Neuroscience research tells us that our brain is wired to seek out human faces. This is a survival technique to allow infants to seek out their caregivers. We are all wired this way from birth.

In marketing, this trick is played upon when faces are used in images or videos. When we are browsing social media, we usually scroll quite fast. It takes something impactful to catch our attention – and eyes usually work.

If you want to make your content jump out on social media, then try using this trick yourself. Post some content where you have faces, and preferably eyes clearly visible in the stock image. Then post some content where there are no people in the stock image.

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Look back at your analytics and see how much difference the images with faces make to your views and clicks.

Making an impact with your logo

Here is quite a different tip. Did you know that the shape of your logo can be used to invoke emotion in your customers?

A great deal of research has gone into the psychology of logo shape over the years. This is somewhere you can really tailor your graphic design to fit the brand image you want to portray.

For example, circles are understood to invoke feelings of inclusivity and togetherness. So if these are brand values for you, then redesigning your logo to have a circular component might work for you.

For another example, triangles are known for their feeling of speed, growth and possibility. You might like that if you are passionate about growth and opportunity.

If this inspires you to revisit your logo design, then try a free tool like Logo Creator to build something new, or use their templates to get you started.

Choosing impactful brand colours

Whether you are building a logo, designing a website, picking a stock photograph, or creating your own branded graphics – colour speaks volumes.

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In the marketing world, we think of blue as the colour of trust. Research has shown that it works, and that’s why big companies who ask for your data (think of Facebook and LinkedIn) have used it in their branding.

Blue is also considered to be soothing and a de-stressor. Think of the sea or the sky on a sunny day and you’re already there. So if you want to give a sense of calm or create trust with your online followers, then using blue in your content marketing is ideal.

Blue is one of those colours that go with most others, and when used against a contrasting background can really stand out. That’s another great way to catch attention with your content marketing.

For contrast, pink can be very impactful when used well in your graphic design. If pink is overused, it can be a visual turn off. But used sparingly, perhaps as an accent colour or against a white background, it gives a nice vibe.

Pink is associated with empathy, love and compassion. Again, when used well it is a great way to catch attention for long enough that your content stands a chance of being looked at.

Tying it all together

Whatever you decide to do to power up your content marketing, make sure that it is still inline with your brand. You may decide that means giving your whole brand a makeover, but this can absolutely be worth the effort.

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Graphic design plays a huge role in how we feel about a brand and their content, as so much feeling can be conveyed through colour and shape. Using human faces in marketing is a great way to attract attention too, so don’t forget this trick.

Above all, remember that humans are visual creatures. The words you write and the values you hold as a brand matter, and graphic design can help you to back that up in a non-verbal way. In a world where many of us are too busy to read marketing content very thoroughly, the images can really cut to the chase.


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