Anyone Can Be Richer Than Dangote if Given the same Privilege Fed Govt Give Him



A Nigerian man has claimed that anyone can be richer than dangote if given the privilege given to him by the Federal government of Nigeria.

The write-up which is currently circulating on social media describe the richest African man, as a man who is trying to monopolize Nigerian economy with the support of the Federal government.

According to his article, if Nigeria has 5 men like dangote the worst will happen because he "dangote" did not have the interest of ordinary people's at heart, what he is after is sucking Nigerians.

He described dangote as additional liability to over 200 millions Nigerians.

Read the full report below:

On Dangote

You see that man, anyone can be richer than him if given the same political privilege Nigeria Govt has perennially given Dangote. If we have 5 of Dangotes in Nigeria, Nigeria would be worse off. Some of us have been compelled to believe that Dangote is just the investment arm of some Nigeria politicians. He is everywhere, harvesting from the people. He's not an asset to Nigeria, he's an asset to himself and those he holds brief for. In fact, Dangote is a national liability to about 200m Nigerians.


Few days to Obasanjo's exit as President, he allegedly handed over Kaduna Refinery to Dangote without any form of bidding. No dime was said to have been paid by Dangote. If Yar'Adua hasn't revised that made-in-hades business romance between Obj and Dangote, our refinery would have become the property of OBJ via Dangote. I don't know how true, I even heard that Otta Farm was meant to be a national agric project before the CONVERSION.

We saw how national assets were handed over to the so-called investors and proxies of politicians. Nicon Noga Hilton Hotel, Nicon Luxury Hotel, Nicon Insurance, Air Nigeria, etc. This is what politicians can do with so called investors like Jimoh, Elumelu and Dangote. These men are conduits for politicians.

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Dangote fought Otedola till Otedola was advised by Pro-Dangote cabal to quit cement production. The fight was so raw that Otedola had to cry out that his life was under DANGer. He claimed that Unknown People (UP) offered his cook thousand of dollars to add tusatusa to his food. We knew that some big shots in the Government circle intervened in the matter with the verdict "Quit Cement Production/Marketing For Dangote", thereby officially handed License of monopoly to Dangote.

I don't even want to mention Ibeto that has been relegated to Nnewi because he was producing and or marketing Cement. Being an Igbo is not an added advantage in a country so divided along ethnic and religious lines.

Another Northerner dared Dangote and made an entry into cement production. BUA Group. They didn't only invaded the popular DANGOTE CEMENT TERRITORY, they extended their guts to Sugar manufacturing sector, another sector Dangote has pocketed in monopoly. Now there's war. War of who dominates that sector and Dangote is once more reaching out to his comrades within the Government circles to help him fight and win the sugar war as usual.

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This time, I'm siding BUA Group. If they say we should join the street on their behalf, we'll happily do that without anyone paying us £90 to be in the streets like our beloved brethren hustling in Rondon.

In a same clime (sorry, there's no sane clime again), in a country where Government is not in the pocket and payroll of Monopolistic elements like the RIIICHEZ BLACK MADAFAKA, the likes of Dangote will not rank among the richest top 100.

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