Proverb: A Devourer Never get tired of devouring



Meaning: The round about movement of two lizard on a palm tree cannot be comprehended by human imagination.

Sometimes something happen in life that you don't understand and you will never understand so for you to keep imagining that I will understand this thing sometime lead you into something that you don't want to.

Just like now, you saw somebody planting something, you just come to conclusion that you know what the person is planting.

That is a very very wrong assumption.

So one of the great lessons you should learn from this proverb is that what's somebody has been doing he will keep doing that things no matter what or whatever circumstances he or she found himself or herself.

Don't come to conclusion that this person has forgiven me for the sin that I have committed and I won't be careful when I see some strange behaviours from them, always be careful when you see him misbehaving or exhibiting some strange character that you cannot understand.

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