Way of showing love to your husband, By Recognise His authority



Recognise his authority

Men are the protector and maintenance of women, because God has given the one more intelligence than the other and because they support them from their means.

As general rule the management and financial responsibility in the family rest with men. As far as family affair are concerned husband and wives should be side-by-side and respect each other's right in all planning and decision-making.

As a wife you should recognise the authority of your husband as a head of the family by ensuring that all major decisions are discussed and approved by him.

Whenever the husband is not available but with the current telecommunication gadgets he should be informed before decisions are taken and if he could not be reached must be told immediately he is available even if such a decision has been made.

No man would be happy if he is taking for granted by only to be informed of decision after they have been done.

At times, a decision that a wife thought is minor could  lead to a major conflict if he is not informed or aware of it.

Every institution, factory, and organisation need a responsible manager.

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In any sociological unit and organisation, corporation between the staff is important. However, running the affair of such a unit need a manager who can coordinate the duties.

One of the very important social unity is the 'family' running the affairs of this unit is very vital and difficult.

As a wife you should accept the authority of your husband. Seek his supervision in the affairs. Do not violate his orders. Do not resist or oppose his participation in the household and family matter.

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Do not reject his participation even in those matter that you have more expertise.

Do not practically make him powerless. Let him participate in your work occasionally. Teach the children to respect his authority and asked them to get permission from their father in their affairs.

Your children will learn not to violate his order from an early age. This is how your children can be brought up as obedient to their parents.

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Do not feel superior to your husband. You are partners in the marital life. Be sure that your academic degree, social status, age and financial standing should make you feel more modest and humble before your husband.


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