President Buhari left Nigeria to London For Medical Treatment, left his driver die in Aso rock clinic



When the government don't really know what the people are passing through that is how it ended up, but we cannot say anything for now because people are dying.

Has president Muhammadu Buhari come out to tell Nigerians what actually is the cause of insecurities in the country?

Has he come out to tell Nigerians why are they being killed every day,? it is unfortunate that the president don't have the interest of the masses at heart as we speak now there is no any single day that you will not hear killing, kidnapping, and fighting in Nigeria.

The question is this, the government is still denying all this atrocity that is going on in Nigeria?.

The president left to London for medical tourism, unfortunately left his chief driver which he said he has been on sick bed for long time now to die at aso Rock clinic.

His prayer was answered because the driver died a days ago when the president is still in London receiving a medical treatment.

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Is this actually the president is for the masses?, if actually the president have the interest of Nigerians at heart he will have fixed the clinic in the country so that all Nigerians will benefit from it.

As we speak now no single Nigerians can attest that the president is doing the right thing.

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Just pray that God will save this country from this cabal that are ruling us now.


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