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And that is the big difference for men, they might not entirely know who they really love, but they always know who they really want to marry.
Their feelings may change like the seasons, but that marriage decision remains the same. They know who they want and what they really want, they always do. They know who they are keeping for sex, and who they are reserving for marriage. It is just the thing about MEN, their desire might be for many, but their marriage decision is always fixed on one. (However, some are very disciplined and follow God intentionally).

So this year dear uncle, please for the sake of God, if you know in your heart of hearts that you're not going to marry that girl, cut her loose and let her go. Let her go start something new with someone who will. You have taken enough from her, you have enjoyed the free sex and other wifely privileges, cut her loose bro, don't tie down what another man is fasting and praying to have; let that girl go, please! All the children she has aborted for you is enough, pity the husband God has reserved for her. It's not fair that you will take everything from her and go marry someone who has been reserving everything for you, that is wickedness uncle!!!

We all know who we want to marry, and to be honest; the woman we want to marry we don't treat her like this, because we don't want to destroy our own garden. You know I speak the truth, so unfair to destroy the soil of another brother who is somewhere waiting anxiously for his cultivation and harvest, so unfair.

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Let that girl go sir, however you want to do it, just let her go please!

"I need a break"
"I need some space to figure out my life"
"I think we need some time apart"
"I have some serious issues right now and I need some time to think"

However you want to say it just let her go. Push her away if she does not want to go..

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Ignore her calls until she gets the message.
Ignore her texts until she gets tired.
Pretend to be busy until she's fed up.
Put up some annoying attitude that she cannot keep up with.

Just do anything to push her away. Don't worry if she will be hurt, let her hurt, let her cry, let the disappointment come, let her feel the pain, after a while she will be fine and totally healed. It is better for you to hurt her now than hold on to her and hurt her destiny, let her cry her way into the right arms.

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Set that girl free if you're not going to marry her, please release her to find her destiny if you cannot see her in yours.

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