Kwara Hijab Crisis In Mission Schools Update — Revd Dr. Victor Dada



▪︎"We shall not allow Hijab in our schools. We will defend our faith and defend our inheritance."

Despite the case in the supreme court and the stay of execution obtained by proprietors of mission school, the government announced the use of Hijab and reopening of the schools today.

Christians who were today at First Baptist Church Surulere, Ilorin on peaceful demonstration with drums and trumpets came under serious attack by Muslim fundamentalists who mobilized themselves and touts in large number to attack us.

They overpowered the police, forcefully removed the gate and sign board of the school and started stoning us for over one hour.

Only the gallant resistance of members and eventual security reinforcements saved the church from been burnt.

More than 20 people (including four Pastors) were wounded with three hospitalized.

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"Help me o lord Ijeoma Nwosu cries"

The fundamentalist in the presence of security officials vehemently attempted to burn the Church and when repelled threatened to burn the Church either during the day or at night.

They threw petrol fire to the Church gate and vandilized the auditorium.

They also went ahead to vandalize The Apostolic Church, Eruda Ilorin, a Church without any Grant Aided School.

It is surprising that the government has become a government of the Muslim by the Muslim for the Muslim in his policies, pronouncements and attitude.

We wish to restate our stand that our schools are grant aided schools and not public schools. At no time since the grant aiding policy started in 1974 has any government designed uniform for schools. This has always been the responsibility of the proprietors, be it community or mission. It should be noted that Christians have always complied with Islamic guidelines in grant aided Muslim school as Muslim do not allow any Christian practice in their schools.

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The Muslim and government should not take our gentleness for weakness. The government has not employed Christian Religion Knowledge in the last fifteen years but kept employing and posting Imam and Islamic religious teachers in large numbers (even in Mission Schools).

We shall not allow Hijab in our schools. We will defend our faith and defend our inheritance.

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We demand that the government should return back our schools.

Revd Dr Victor Dada
President, Kwara Baptist Conference


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