Silent Can Make your marriage last than you expected



Verily with every little difficulty there is ease, after night comes the day. The cloud of worry will be blown away, the darkness of distress will be dispelled, and calamities with come to an end, by God grace. Remembered you be rewarded, if a you are believer, your children will pray for you, if you bring them up properly.

Learn how to keep silent if your husband is angry.

Retaliation has never solve problems, on out check reveal that retaliation always increase problems.

Many marriage crash and some are still crashing today because of lack of silent.

Men sometimes may act crazy mostly when they just returned from work.

To avoid crack in your marriage learn to study mood of your husband, when ever discovered he is not in his right mood, please give him something so he can regain himself.

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Know that men worries most if he didn't see his families, when he find out you are avoiding, he will find time to make up with you.


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