money you spent on a man can never keep him



The money you spent on a man can never keep him.
if you're helping a man with the intention that he must marry you, pls change that mindset.
90% of men do not end up with women who spend on them.
That's because men love respect and love to be respected.
Don't give out what you can't let go.
Dont give it out so you wont end up regretting. Curses hardly work these days.
Always have this in mind, anyone who is broke can say anything just to get help.
Some words are mere wash.
When he is up on his feet he will leave you for a person who respect him.
We ladies dont have business with love so dont allow that butterfly in your stomach to deceive you.
Men were commaded to love and not the other way round. The bible says submit as a wife and the man should care for his household.
You're an helpmate( as a wife) and not a supplier as a (girlfriend).
The men are meant to love us while we are commanded to respect and submit to them.
Stop helping with the mindset that he must end up with you.
To be honest, men love spending on the women they love, no matter how broke and how small they have, they spend and if he does the spending on you? then he value you.
Spending on whom they love bust their ego as a man. They value, adore and appreciate the women they spend on
After your spending when it time for him to leave, he will leave.
The universe will separate you both and all the people who celebrated that relationship will turn against you, not because they hate you but because the universe want it to be so.
Spend if you want, never be expectant.
Na only God dey reward.

Becky Pius

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