Talk Zone: Your Rejected Wife Become a Billionaire, still reject her with money or go for her?



Your wife you rejected now a Billionaire, can you go after her or still reject her and her money?

We have this question by one of our readers, and we decide to share with you.

On our relationship talk, we got comments asking what will do if a woman you rejected probably she is not beautiful or some reason best known to you become a Billionaire.

Can you still go back to beg her to returned back to your house or you still stand by words that you don't need her?

Note, you still poor, and rented apartment, which not well furnish.

Before you finally send her packing, she once told she has a secret to tell you but not now.

But, because you don't want her again, you never dare to know exactly what she is saying.

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Now what you doe, because her late farther $100 million block before for lover 10 years now in her custody.

Go back to her or not?

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