Talk Zone: Best Solution to Stop Corruption in Nigeria/Africa



We have had several case when a corrupt politician fine to pay some amount of money after they were found guilty of embezzling public money.

While some of them were send to jail without option of fine.

But as nature will have it, a corrupt man remain a corrupt man no matter were he find himself, his corrupt practice most come into play.

There are many case when person sentence to prison never be in prison, but only just to report himself in the morning and turn back till another time.

That is the practice of some of this our politician claiming they are serving jial term.

Many of them use the money to bribe warders, which in turn free them to go about their normal business.

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Another case is, when someone is found guilty of stealing, for example N100 Million from the government account, the court fine him of N50 millions. The questions is, what about the remaining N50 million?

So some times, you will got to believed that our judicial systems are the one encouraging Corruption indirectly.

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On my own observation, I think the best way to fight corruption in Nigeria and Africa, is by forfeiting all the life time properties of anyone found guilty of embezzling public money to federal government.

His or her every single asset should be forfeit to the federal government so that he can start afresh in life.

With this, Corruption can be reduce, because when a man think on how he will be returned to zero after he was caught stealing, his second mind with tell him to stop it.

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