Talk Zone: A cheating Husband that Treat you Like Queen Or Faithful Husband to treat you like Trash?



You may not have witness it, but is a reality that has happened and is still happen.

Some women today are in a marriage, with a man that Cherish them so much, treat them like queen, but with one condition, of which is cheating.

And as you all know, women don't like sharing, man with another woman.

Any way, religious is bad, but you can't help because it run through most African men blood.

While some women are in a marriage where their husband don't cheat on them, but treat them like trash.

Some of them beat and disgrace their wife in public, but they don't cheat on them.

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Now the question is which one did you preferred, Cheating husband that treat you like Queen or Faithful husband that treat you like Trash?

Let us know via comment below


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