Zanfara Kidnapped School Girls: Northern elites is using their terrorist boys to loot funds against 2023 election



Twitter user share this post "Abduction in Nigeria by terrorist are organised by the northern elite in Nig. They know what they are doing. They arrest terrorist, pay them heavy amount and reintegrate them back into society then the guys will go back again. Kidnapping is a lucrative business in northern Nig

Northern elites is using their terrorist boys to loot funds against 2023 election. Last week terrorist were paid 800 million to release students they took away. Today another set was kidnapped and billions will be paid to them. And one cleric claimed to be negotiating for them.

Nigeria is now under remote control. There is agitation left and right for division the British contraption. This video is a Governor of a state in Nigeria where norther Fulanis are killing his people’s. Fulanis are virus every part of Africa. Fulani are into taking people’s land.

Nigeria problem is many. We don’t know if it’s to discuss about cow destruction by Fulani herdsmen, raping women, killing innocent people that protest against destroying their farms. Fulanis are killing, their cows are killing. This is exactly why Ghana killed all their cows

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How can Southerners be in the same country with these kind of people that use cow urine to shower? They drink cow urine, rape their cows for ritual purposes before selling it. We have started avoid cow meetings. They destroyed Central African Republic, Senegal, guinea, now Nig.

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