Talk Zone: Wife Catches Me Sucking House Help Breast to confirmed Milk is not coming out of it while she feed our baby, pls your reaction



Were did i go wrong my people?
My wife went to the market to buy one or two things, and she left my four months old baby with the 22 year's old house help, The little baby started crying , The house help has done everything to stop him from crying, but he kept on crying , so the girl now brought out her breast to breastfeed the baby , and immediately the breast entered his mouth he stopped crying , as the small boy  was sucking the breast i entered and saw it, i was so angry , and afraid  that he could contact disease  from her breast, i shouted at the girl , but she told me nothing was coming out of the breast, but i don't believe her, she asked me to teast it, and i decided to suck The breast to confirm it, , as I was sucking her breast my wife came in, upon the whole explanation she refused to understand, its now a big problem, wat can i do to convince her? , it was just an innocent sucking oooo ,
Please help  a brother there is fire on the mountain  

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