Talk Zone: The same Kidnapping That Evans in Prison till now is the same Kidnapping Bandits and been rewarded What Your reaction?



It obvious that Federal government of Nigeria, Under President Muhammadu Buhari has lost it totally.

If we can recall few years ago, Evans, The Billionaire Kidnappers was arrested and committed to prison, as we speak he still in Prison.

Recently Nigeria has been plunged into everyday Kidnapping and killing by same group of terrorist called Bandits from Northern Nigeria.

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These group of people operate by Kidnapping dozens of people includes schools children.

In response to the ugly trend, Northern leaders are calling for amnesty to the kidnapers.

The leaders includes governors, and some Islamic cleric.

While some governors reveal that ransom were pay to the kidnapers to release their victim.

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The question is, is not the same crime Evans committed that he is currently in Prison Bandits are committing?

While will leaders will be soliciting for criminal and killers like Bandits?

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