In War All of Us Suffered Man React as Kannywood actress, Rahama call for an End to Clashes Between Yoruba and Hausa in Oyo



Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau call for immediate intervention of clash between Yoruba and Hausa in Oyo state.

The actress took to her twitter handle to react to the incident, as she describe it as Barbaric, and need to be stop immediately.

She said "What is happening in OYO state is barbaric, uncalled for & should be dealt with immediately before it escalates. STOP the bloodshed & let’s come together to make Nigeria a better country. PLEASE !!! 爐#StopKillingNortherners #STOP"

Her tweet generate many reaction as some support her, and some call for reprisal attacks.

Abakar, one of her follower who react to her tweet said when war broke out, both the living and the deaths suffered the consequence.

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He said "PEOPLE who never witnessed war will think the war is just shooting guns and killing people only..

They forget that War is starvation, War is rape, war is deprivation of movement, war is fear, war is lack of access to health care, war is lack of access to your wealth, war is Diseases, war is hopelessness, war is losing children, war is losing parents, war is losing spouse, war is losing loved ones, war is creating an entire generation who will be illiterates.

War is so much more than just shooting guns and ends lives. Even after war it will take decades to heals, to reconcile, to rebuild etc.

Ask Rwanda, Congo, Liberia, South Sudan and Libya.

War in reality is different from war in the movies.

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When next you wish for war ask those who have actually witnessed 1966 Nigerian Civil War. Everybody will become casualties of war both dead and the living.

Another of her follower, Dauda Muhammad who call for reprisal attack said  "Yes u r right, we r different we r not the same, but lemme tell u we'll start our own very soon "

Another follower who also call for reprisal attack said "We all know what needs to be done. Lets stop asking them to stop the killing. Let's make them stop. When we act, they will surely stop. That is the language they can understand."

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