See the cause of Masturbation



Before we speak on the cause, let look what Masturbation is all about.

When man/woman use his/her hand or other object to achieved sexual pleasure with out having relationship with opposite sex, the term is referred to Masturbation.

In man Masturbation is achieved either with use of hand or, sex doll.

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While women use hand, sex toy to achieved Masturbation.

Our finding indicate 90% people across the globe Masturbate.

Masturbation has serious side effect apart from religious condemning it.

One of the major effect of Masturbation, is weak erection in man and low self-esteem in both man and woman.

Base on our topic of discussion, the Causes of masturbation:

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3. Unguided thoughts. Aftermaths effects Gay/Lesbianism.


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