Men or Women, Who Enjoyed Sex most? Find out



Sexual inter course, is one of the strong Pilar in marriage.

Many home has been broken because of inadequate  or total lack of sex.

Many case are still pending in court because husband failed to satisfy wife or wife failed to give husband sex.

On this note, we want to briefly analyze who got most of the pleasurable part of sexual inter course,  woman or man.

Actually their are no direct answer to this question.

The person who enjoyed sex most is the persons who needed the sex at the moment.

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Sex is connected with feeling, so when someone need something that is connected to her/his emotion, that person tend to drive pleasure and feel good when he/she got that things.

So if is the man in need of sex, before he went to meet his wife, definitely he will be the one to enjoy the sex at the moments, vise Visa.

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