Beware of the tyranny of popular opinion



By Sam Amadi

Today, Goodluck Jonathan is the darling of the Nigerian civil and media establishment. Even the great Wole Soyinka who wrongly demonized GEJ now rates him as worthy of export to the US to teach Trump and the Americans democracy. Last night, while commenting on Joe Biden's inauguration as President, Soyinka beautified GEJ, the man he called unprintable names when media establishment and civil society were seduced to bring in Buhari.

Some of us were not convinced. We held the view that Jonathan was a good man who had notable weakness but generally governed well and meant well. Even when I left office and people were falsely alleging that Jonathan forced me to change tariff to suit his political interest, I came out with a press statement to say Jonathan was the best president to work with because he does not interfere as long as you are doing your work based on law. I declared it that every wrong decision in the power sector relating to regulation I should be held responsible not Jonathan.

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I have learnt that one should never bow to groupthink, even if sponsored by a Nobel Laureate and a slew of eminent chattering class. Beware of popular opinion.

Today, GEJ is no longer a drunkard and clueless Ijaw fisherman. Daily Trusts and other notable institutions are running after the 'clueless' one.


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